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How To Use Emojis In Email Marketing The Right Way

The marketing landscape is changing. As new things come up, people adapt or they are left out. Email marketing includes much more than just formal language. Some years back, it would be unheard of if you included emojis in marketing. Because marketing was to be very formal, including emojis would look very outlandish. This is not the case today because more and more people are opening up to emojis in marketing. The good news is that they have a positive impact on your emails. People appreciate some humor and if the emojis make your email less serious, it will be taken very well. Having emojis in there compared to a block of words, everyone would choose the emojis and would read the email. Now, don’t get excited and go using emojis in your email marketing without knowing how to use them. Here is how to use emojis in email marketing the right way.

Now that you know more and more people are opening up to the idea of emojis in marketing doesn’t mean that you should go right ahead and flood your email with these funny graphics. Because emojis are a lot of fun to use, you might find that you use too many. This is why the first tip is to use them sparingly. Don’t make the mistake of replacing words for emojis because it will go south very fast. If you are going to use a couple of emojis, don’t use more than three in a row. It might become too much and very informal when you use too many emojis.

When you use emojis in marketing, avoid using them as replacements. If you do this, you will make it very hard to understand your email. People would have to stop in the middle of a sentence trying to understand what it is you are saying. The best way to use emojis, is for effect. The point is to emphasize a point and to break the text just a little. It should make the reader smile and not frown trying to understand what word is replaced.

One thing is for sure, there are hundreds of emojis out there. Just because they are there doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. You only need a few of them and you can use these to identify your brand. All you need is a few that can be used to mean different things and you are good to go. It is important that you have your ears in the ground and keep up with the trend and in this case, include some emojis in your marketing.

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